Customized Training Offerings

ERP SWOT and Educational Tabletop
After a customer provides its current Emergency Response Plan, Fireside Partners conducts a thorough SWOT Analysis to identify its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A written report is provided, along with recommendations for consideration and inclusion.

Fireside follows up its SWOT Analysis with an Aviation Emergency Response Plan Educational Tabletop. This methodical, scenario‐based discussion focuses on solutions to enhance the crisis decision-making skills of core executives and significantly advance the customer’s emergency preparedness.

Notification and Family Assistance Training
Participants explore the modern concepts of centralized crisis event management and learn how these effective processes set the stage for the delivery of Notification and Family Assistance. Participants deliver a simulated post-accident Notification using Fireside’s trademarked Four to prepare to conduct post-accident Family Assistance interactions with trained role players and Fireside’s own professional field responders. To complete the training, Fireside facilitates a full debrief and provides an operational analysis.

Drills and Exercises
Fireside conducts controlled and realistic scenario-based drills and exercises covering the first hours of a response, from delegation of multiple roles and responsibilities to communication processes and from prioritizing and family assistance to on-site resources and investigation. Fireside also facilitates a full debrief and provides a comprehensive after-action report.

To learn more about Fireside’s customized training offerings, please contact Fireside Partners.