Fireside Partners' foundation was built on the needs of the underserved business aviation sector. Unlike a large airline, where Family Assistance is required by law and resources are abundant, as a business aviation operator you do not have the resources to effectively respond to a crisis. The same holds true for charter operators and smaller regional airlines.

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Notification of natural disasters, civil and political unrest, and other potentially hazardous events
  • Aircraft monitoring, focused on identification of potential emergency situations
  • Compassionate emergency contact notification and Family Assistance
  • On-site accident response support
  • Personal Effects recovery and return
  • Resource coordination with local and federal agencies
  • Accident investigative support

In addition to our Emergency Services Agreement and disaster support, Fireside provides a full range of services and training to make sure you are prepared when a crisis occurs:

Fireside Partners has been a partner in the Global Aerospace SM4 Aviation Safety Program since its inception in 2010. This innovative and industry leading safety program helps Global Aerospace clients, and the aviation industry, understand how to manage risks, improve safety training, strengthen their safety culture and improve their safety systems. 

To learn more about Fireside’s customized services for the aviation industry, please contact us today!