historyAs a former program director for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Fireside Partners’ President and CEO, Donald Chupp, has responded to a variety of aviation accidents—commercial and general. During his tenure with the NTSB, the imbalance of resources available to general aviation operators versus commercial during and after an emergency event became painstakingly clear. Don identified three main objectives that were virtually the same for all companies, despite their different classifications: take care of people, protect the brand, and effectively engage in the investigation. With this reality, Fireside Partners was founded in February 2007.

Initially, Fireside was simply an emergency response and preparedness consulting company. As Fireside Partners expanded its client base, helping several Fortune 100 companies understand and prepare for the complexities of responding to an aviation accident, they realized that these operators would need personnel support to successfully execute the intent of their own emergency response plans. In order to address the market need, Fireside Partners relocated all of its business functions to its current headquarters at the New Castle County Airport (ILG).

With a new office space, a new Emergency Operations Center launched in 2011, and creation of the HELP (Humanitarian Emergency Liaison Program) Team, Fireside Partners was well equipped and prepared to fully support clients 24/7/365 all around the world in the event of an emergency. In early 2015, Fireside Partners received the 2015 Veteran Owned Business of the Year Award from the Delaware office of the United States Small Business Administration. Later the same year, the company again evolved, becoming Fireside Partners, Incorporated.