While we have a strong foundation in the aviation sector, aviation is not all we do. If your needs arise from rail, specialty marine, workplace emergencies or any other hazard, you can rest assured that you have selected a full service emergency response provider that will help you protect your most important asset - your people. Take care of your people and the rest should take care of itself. 

Armed Assasilants

Armed Assailants
An armed assailant can threaten an organization at any time. Employees are expecting their company to have a plan that responds and protects them wherever possible. Are you prepared?


Fireside Partners' foundation was built on the needs of the underserved business aviation sector. Unlike a large airline, where Family Assistance is required by law and resources are abundant, as a business aviation operator you do not have the resources to effectively respond to a crisis. The same holds true for charter operators and smaller regional airlines.

Specialty Marine
Specialty marine customers around the world can take advantage of our first-class services and programs that set forth a clear and effective blueprint for developing and maintaining critical emergency response capabilities.


Our services help manage the roles and responsibilities as outlined in the Rail Passenger Disaster Family Assistance Act of 2008.


Workplace Emergencies
The Fireside team has over 100 years of combined federal and military incident response experience. During a response, our customers receive the advantage of our close working relationships with the NTSB, FBI, and industry specialists.

All Hazards

All Hazards
Hazards take on many shapes and sizes. You have to be as prepared as your people expect you to be.

Fireside is passionately focused on providing all of our customers with services that improve awareness, confirmation of facts, and the Three Key Principles of Effective Emergency Response, when an emergency arises. 

To learn more about Fireside’s customized emergency response services, please contact us today!