Fireside Partners is a worldwide emergency services provider. Our specialty marine and private yacht/charter industry customers have the advantage of access to our international experience and robust resources in humanitarian response.  

Specialty marine customers around the world can take advantage of our first-class services and programs that set forth a clear and effective blueprint for developing and maintaining critical emergency response capabilities.

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Worldwide emergency event monitoring
  • Worldwide weather and hazardous events reporting
  • Accident investigative support
  • Compassionate family notification and assistance
  • Personal effects recovery and return
  • Resource coordination with local and federal agencies
  • On-site accident response support

In addition to our Emergency Services Agreement and disaster support, Fireside provides a full range of services and training to make sure you are prepared when a crisis occurs.

If your needs arise from specialty marine, you can rest assured that you have selected an emergency response provider that will help you protect your most important asset - your people. 

To learn more about Fireside’s customized services for the marine industry, please contact us today!