Fireside is a worldwide emergency services provider that is focused on providing our customers with improved awareness, confirmation of facts, and the Three Key Principles of Effective Emergency Response, when an emergency arises. Hazards take on many shapes and sizes. You have to be as prepared as your people expect you to be.  How will you respond to:

  • A manufacturing plant explosion
  • Death or injury to an employee while traveling on company business
  • Campus violence
  • Workplace rage
  • Hostage crisis
  • Outdoor venue accident
  • Natural disaster
  • And more...

Don't rely on your EAP alone. Don't try to do it alone.

The Fireside team has over 100 years of federal and military incident response experience. Let us stand side by side with you. During a response, in addition to our experience, you will receive the advantage of our close working relationships with the NTSB, FBI, and industry specialists.

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Worldwide emergency asset monitoring
  • Worldwide weather and hazardous events reporting
  • Accident investigative support
  • Compassionate family notification and assistance
  • Personal effects recovery and return
  • Resource coordination with local and federal agencies
  • On-site accident response support

In addition to our Emergency Services Agreement and disaster support, Fireside provides a full range of services and training to make sure you are prepared when a crisis occurs.

If your needs arise from natural disaster support, or any other emergency, you can rest assured that you have selected an emergency response provider that will help you protect your most important asset - your people. 

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