Emergency Response Plans

What should an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) do for you? Does your ERP identify what’s most important to you? Does it identify with your corporate culture? Can you retain who you are when times are tough? These questions and many more have been answered for companies like you by Fireside Partners. 

Industries have evolved beyond the need for just an emergency response manual. Experience has taught us that organizations need an emergency response program that includes the whole enterprise. A program that is integrated into the enterprises’ crisis program. A manual simply states what you are going to do. A program will deliver on your promise and ensure that you retain your cultural identity when bad things happen.

Fireside provides you with the ability to turn your Plan into a Program with Actions by engineering a new method of developing and continuously testing your emergency response plan and preparedness.  

Fireside provides collaborative development of Emergency Response Plans designed to satisfy your needs and instill confidence and readiness. You will benefit from customized, actionable ERPs that incorporate your company's policies, best practices and legal requirements. Your ERP will add a layer of confidence to whomever is making decisions following an event. 

Tactical Emergency Response Plan™

The Tactical Emergency Response Plan helps you respond faster with a "first things first" methodology. ERPs are essentially narrative descriptions coupled with ideas to consider. The Tactical ERP provides you with the ability to reorganize content and focus on specific actions and priorities to bring speed and clarity to any response.

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