Fireside leads the market with an Emergency Response Program (ERP) cycle of services to satisfy customer needs and instill confidence and readiness. Services include daily aircraft and private asset monitoring, worldwide weather and hazardous events reporting, diversion and coordination of in-flight anomalies, post-accident investigative support, family notification and assistance, personal effects recovery and return, and resource coordination with local agencies.

Service Offerings

Emergency Operations

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Monitoring or irregular operations and global events

24/7/365 Response Teams

  • Deployment of skilled and professional resources
  • Protocols that capture the operator's practices and culture

Notification and Family Assistance

  • Compassionate notification of emergency contacts
  • On-site assistance to families

International Response

  • Global intelligence gathering and rapid response teams
  • Coordination with international agencies

Crisis Communications

  • Monitoring of traditional and social media
  • Public relations support

Personal Effects Recovery and Return

  • Respectful handling and processing
  • Close coordination with families

Emergency Response Plans

  • Customized and actionable
  • Incorporating company policies, best practices and legal requirements

Drills and Exercises

  • Realistic scenario-based training
  • Commensurate with operator's response capabilities