Fireside Partners provides one-of-a-kind workshops focused on topics such as emergency communications and family assistance. These in-person, hands on/out of your seat workshops provide practical solutions, peer networking opportunities, and useful tools to take home. Attendees receive first-hand knowledge from those that have been on the front line after accidents and emergencies.

You will learn the methodologies created and used by Fireside Partners that have been adopted as “Best Practice” by many companies around the world. Using a Learn – See – Do approach we ensure all attending have the opportunity to understand the theory surrounding the processes and experience and practice them first hand. 

Workshops At a Glance:

Emergency Communications After Business Aviation Accidents
Business aviation operators have unique emergency communications requirements.  Until now, no industry specific training opportunities were available. This one of a kind workshop provides practical solutions, peer networking opportunities, and useful tools to take home afterward.

Humanitarian Response Experience: Notification and Family Assistance Training
This 2.5 day interactive workshop is centered on those in the business aviation industry responsible for providing humanitarian support to those impacted by an aviation accident.  This is a can’t miss opportunity for individuals looking to acquire the knowledge to train a company team, as well as to gain a better understanding of effective Emergency Response processes.

Check back often for workshop details and registration information.