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About Us

Fireside supports businesses, individuals, and organizations in various sectors to provide emergency response solutions. We collaborate with our clients to develop and provide the necessary tools to manage emergencies effectively.


Fireside’s foundation is built on values which shape our culture and define our principles:


At our core, we believe in being honest, respectful, and supportive towards one another and our clients.


We are dedicated to our employees and clients, treating each other with consideration and empathy.


We are committed to achieving our mission by building solid and lasting relationships while consistently holding ourselves accountable.


Our 24/7 support ensures you have a dependable response partner when you need it most.

History of Fireside

Fireside was founded in 2007 to address the gap in emergency response resources and services available to an underserved business aviation market. We prioritized how operators could protect their people, represent the professional and compassionate faces of their brands and effectively participate in an investigation.

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