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Emergency Response Program

Fireside’s Emergency Response Program provides a four-step path to fully prepare you and your team. It gives clear direction for leaders and ensures everyone has been trained to respond to the emergency confidently and effectively.



Build the foundation of your capability to respond to an emergency through our 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement, creating a Tactical Emergency Response Plan, ERP Training, and engaging in educational tabletop exercises.

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Align your emergency response program with your Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Implement action items from tabletop exercises and drills. Define internal roles and identify resources for external support.

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Train your team using exercises and drills prepared by our experienced facilitators who will use simulated real-life experiences. Training establishes a fundamental understanding of the Emergency Response chronology and associated activities.

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An established communications strategy, in conjunction with ongoing plan maintenance and personnel development opportunities, will ensure your Emergency Response Program is in a constant state of readiness should the need arise.

24/7 Emergency Services Agreement

Fireside’s 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement is the starting point of our partnership. It allows us to work together and provides you with access to Fireside’s internal resources before, during, and after a crisis. When activated, our experienced response team will already be familiar with your company and culture. Allowing them to collaborate with you to provide a thoughtful, empathetic, comprehensive, and effective emergency response.

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Tactical Emergency Response Plan

An effective emergency response plan protects your people, defines your participation in an investigation, and protects your interests. Fireside’s Tactical Emergency Response Plan (TacERP) provides your organization with a personalized, audit-ready plan that integrates seamlessly into your broader Emergency Response Program.

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