Man carrying bag of supplies to emergency situation

Fireside Services

Fireside’s comprehensive services allow you to prepare for and respond to emergency situations with confidence, compassion and meaningful action. Our experienced team leads you through customized preparations and plans before an event and offers immediate response after an emergency occurs. Trusted professionals, trained experts and technical specialists provide the services needed when you need it most.

Implementing an Emergency Response Program

We develop your Emergency Response Program to integrate effectively with your Business Continuity Processes and Fireside’s Emergency Operations Center, giving you the necessary tools to respond expeditiously and confidently.

Employee working emergency response in computer room

Training for Action

Fireside trains your employees and tests emergency response plans to ensure you are ready when action is needed. Providing workshops and facilitating customized training options, including Accident Investigation, Accountable Managers, Humanitarian Training, and Crisis Communications.

woman attending a training for emergency response

Special Operations Services

Our Aviation Special Operations Service (Air-SOS) coordinates executive-level air ambulance medical transportation, emergency evacuation, or, if needed, repatriation of a deceased loved one.

Personal Effects Management

In the aftermath of an accident, we respectfully and confidentially recover, document and prepare personal effects for compassionate return to loved ones and families.

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