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Customized Training

ERP 101

Half-Day Emergency Response Program Training (ERP101) This half day session is for organizations who want an overview of the duties and responsibilities of individual key positions on your response team. The training includes an overview of the key principles of a response; Awareness and Confirmation, Taking care of your people, Protecting the your brand name, […]

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Humanitarian Training

Family Assistance is arguably the most important piece of your emergency response program. Taking care of your people and those directly impacted by an emergency is your number one priority.  Yet in our experience we find this is the part of most emergency response programs that has had the least attention and training.  Take this

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Tabletop Exercises

Exercising your emergency response is vital to emergency preparedness. These exercises become even more critical given the dispersed workforce due to current pandemic conditions. Is your remote team ready to respond? A dispersed workforce is the opportune time to test your readiness to respond. Emergencies can happen 24/7. Using state-of-the-art integrated technology, Fireside Partners can

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Emergency Communications

Corporations have many unique emergency communications requirements, focusing on all aspects, including regulatory and media interaction as well as employees and their families and may include events such as workplace and facility emergencies, employee accidents and cyber breaches, etc.,   What you say and how you say it can make all the difference in an emergency.  During these remote sessions, you will receive first-hand knowledge from those on the front

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