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Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the hub of Fireside’s monitoring and response activities, providing real-time information, guidance, and logistical support to key decision makers.

Our experienced technical and humanitarian team members stand ready to assist clients at a moment’s notice throughout their response to an emergency. 

As a 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement customer, you can access support from the EOC in three key areas:


    • Development of joint response procedures
    • Remote emergency response drill support


    • Notification of natural disasters, civil and political unrest, and other world events that may have a direct impact on your operation or employees
    • Aircraft and marine asset monitoring, focused on identification of potential emergency situations


    • Assistance with confirming the details of an emergency
    • Deployment of Fireside’s field responders
    • Coordination of emergency contact notification and Family Assistance activities
    • Coordination with medical and security providers
    • Post-event news and social media monitoring
    • Post-event logistical support
    • Records-keeping and report preparation 

To learn more please contact us today!  

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