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Fireside Presents at 2018 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers

NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers 
Feb. 6 – 9, 2018
Long Beach Convention Center – Long Beach, CA

Wednesday, Feb. 7 3:30 pm
Session: Mission Control – Schedulers Fit for Duty
Presented by: Don Chupp (Fireside Partners) and Daniel Mollicone, Ph.D (Pulsar Informatics, Inc.)

Schedulers and licensed dispatchers are often referred to as the “hub” of the aircraft operation – integral to the overall safety and success of the scheduled mission. In this 24/7 environment, can they always be fit for duty? Is it possible to ever shut down or disconnect, especially if it’s a one-person operation? This session will look at tools for individuals and corporate flight operations to respond to immediate fatigue issues and examine what can be done to mitigate risk in a 24/7/365 safety culture environment.

Friday, Feb. 9 10:15 am
Panel Session: Vetting your Supplemental Lift
Presented by: Don Chupp (Fireside Partners) and Frank Turtola (Global Aerospace)

Let’s face it, not all supplemental lift providers are equal…or are they? Ensure that you are safeguarding your company’s standards for safety, training and compliance as they relate to your crew and aircraft being utilized by a supplemental provider. This session will provide attendees with checklist information, important vetting considerations and tips for speaking effectively with leadership if supplemental lift is required.

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