What kind of support and services can you expect from Fireside Partners when an accident occurs? 

When you become a Fireside Partners customer, your culture and your values are engrained in the response services you receive from us. We know how important it is to make sure your people are cared for, protected and treated with compassion and empathy. That is what you can expect from Fireside Partners.

We will deploy a team of skilled and professional resources at any time - 24/7/365 - to support an accident or incident you may experience. We work with your public relations department on crisis management, including monitoring social media, local and major news broadcasts, and internet news.

Family Assistance

Family assistance is at the core of our existence. During and after a crisis, families need answers. Families need emotional support and compassion as they navigate through a very difficult time. You can count on our experienced team to support affected families and do everything we can to help ease their pain.

Personal belongings are very important and they often connect us to our loved ones. You can expect respectful and confidential handling of all personal effects. We work closely with families to have these items returned as quickly as possible. 

An extension of Your Organization 

Becoming a Fireside Partners customer starts with our 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement.  You need an emergency response company that understands your culture to be sure your response aligns with your values. When you are a Fireside Partners customer, you can expect to get to know us on a first name basis. We become an extension of your organization. With your 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement you will have access to a multitude of resources including experts in emergency response and communication as well as our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center.

We have been through many accidents, hopefully you have not.  Take the first step in your important journey by becoming a Fireside customer.  We are here to help and always just a phone call away.

To learn more please contact us today!