emergency response center

Purpose and Structure of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The EOC is the main hub of Fireside’s 24/7 response capability. The EOC provides real-time information and fully integrated technical and humanitarian support to assist our customers throughout an aviation accident response. The EOC also provides on-going intelligence to support decision-making and tactical deployment of assets across the entire range of post-emergency requirements and needs. The following major components comprise the EOC:

The Aviation Resource & Response Center (ARRC)

On a daily basis, the ARRC conducts worldwide Flight Event Monitoring to enhance our immediate awareness of an aviation emergency, provide instant and factual verification, and significantly reduce the time required to activate and deploy critical response resources. The ARRC performs the following functions daily:

  • Brings the resources of a modern Airline Operations Center to the business aviation operator
  • Provides immediate awareness of abnormal aircraft operations, up to and including an aircraft accident
  • Confirms event information and gathers factual data through worldwide, real-time event monitoring
  • Expedites deployment of specialists and humanitarian teams with its 24/7 rapid response capability

The Emergency Notification Operations Center (ENOC)

Whereas the ARRC is a strategic resource, the ENOC is tactical. The ENOC manages Fireside’s Humanitarian Emergency Liaison Program (HELP) and its team members. The HELP team delivers coordinated care in the form of family/emergency contact notification and family assistance services. Its primary responsibility is to communicate with emergency contacts and families and to provide support as needed to the emergency contacts and people directly affected by the accident.

The HELP team may be the only source of notification and family assistance during activation, or the team may be used to subsidize similar efforts by our customer. This team has the authority and expertise to make real-time decisions involving the care of emergency contacts. The following describes typical ENOC and HELP team activities:

  • Execution of Fireside’s unique Four-Phase Notification Process©
  • Providing a primary point of contact and support for families
  • Providing factually confirmed information, citing sources and explaining processes to follow
  • Listening to the need of each family/emergency contact and deploying the appropriate resource

The EOC is designed exclusively for business aviation operators to meet the unique needs and time expectations of your flight crews and distinct clientele after an accident or crisis. Although your company will still put itself forward in the response, the EOC and all of its resources and services will provide a critical support structure under you. All responders are employees of Fireside and are trained and credentialed for their roles. In addition to the services supporting the people affected, the following resources are also available:

  • Consultation and direct support in preparing post-crisis communication
  • Assistance with effective participation in an investigation
  • Personal effects recovery, processing and return
  • International assistance

Overall, the EOC helps our clients turn the good intentions of their plan into action and results. The full services, personnel and resources of the EOC are accessible now through our standard 24/7 Emergency Services Agreement. Let Fireside give you the peace of mind that only preparedness can provide.